Cauliflower Rice w/ Broccoli


Freshness sealed in. The pouches seal in the freshness of vegetables without any additives or preservatives. Store in a cool dry place. There’s no need to refrigerate or freeze. Once opened, contents should be


60% cauliflower, 40% broccoli

Product of Great Britain

Nutrition Facts
serving size volume 1 cont
serving size weight 200 g
servings per package 1
calories 50
calories from fat 0
total fat 1 g 1%
saturated fat 0 g
trans fat 0 g
cholesterol 0 mg
sodium 20 mg 1%
total carbohydrates 8 g 3%
dietary fiber 6 g 21%
sugars 2 g
protein 3 g 6%
vitamin a 0 mg
vitamin c 0 mg
calcium 0 mg
iron 0 mg


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