Shipping Policy

Because we ship dry,refrigerated and frozen foods. We can not calculate shipping when you are ordering. You will receive a paypal request for your shipping charge on the day your order ships out.


Frozen orders are shipped out Monday through Wednesday for same-week delivery so that frozen packages will not sit over a weekend.

If you place your order between Wednesday and Sunday your order will ship on the following Monday. Depending on where you live, orders placed on Tuesdays may also have to wait until the following Monday to ship.

Frozen orders may incur a $10 per cooler box fee for the freezer box and ice packs.


If an incorrect delivery address is entered at checkout, the customer is responsible for any rerouting charges or damaged product that results.


We are not responsible for damage during transportation. If a package is physically damaged upon arrival please make driver aware and do not accept package make sure driver marks it damaged and please contact us and we will file a claim with the carrier.